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Donald A. Perez grew up in West L.A. then moved to the Antelope Valley, CA. Donald has worked as an Extra in Films and even had maintained a full time job at the same time. As an Actor/Coach and Executive Producer, off and on, living his passion for film and working with talented filmmakers. In 2009, he founded Lion’s Claw Productions, a full service production company based in Antelope Valley and the county of Los Angeles California. He maintains his focus on very professional video production for all our clients past, present and future.



Sean M. Hickey stays busy as a Film and Television post production professional. He spends most of his creative energy producing meaningful and to the point content, while delivering the proper client message to the audience.  He is also adept at utilizing modern visual effects in certain aspects of production, using these whenever that facet of storytelling is required.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his core principles and values are what help him maintain a realistic view of real world issues and workflows.  Straight out of college, he moved to Los Angeles, California in 1994, where he very quickly found work in the music and film industry.

Sean’s production portfolio includes hundreds of Film and Television projects within the studio music departments as an AFM Union Music Copyist.  All these productions were for major studio theatrical and television worldwide releases.  While working in the music departments for the major studios, Sean gained recognition as a solid working professional within the industry.


He has been working as an AVID Film Editor, Cinematographer, Composer, Director and Producer for the past 12 years. During that time numerous projects have been created. Most recently LCP has completed a feature film project entitled "Tough Guy" which will soon be distributed. Keep an eye out for that film soon.

Included in his career as a post production editor were such responsibilities as an Online Color Correction Assistant for Suite 16 Post Production.  Work in this capacity included such shows as Take Home Chef, Blood Relatives and Gator Boys, just to name a few.

Sean's ability to see the entire workflow process ahead of time allows competent navigation around various issues before they arise. His deep knowledge of the software and hardware, that is required for today's modern post production, makes the transition between all the processes very smooth and reliable.

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