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KING KONG - Destruction Terror

Contest entry for KING KONG 360 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Gunslingers and The Nut

Our Contest Entry for Wonderful Pistachios 2009. As the Town Drunk stumbles into a gunfight, he thinks of a brilliant way to open his pistachio.

Street Smarts

How Smart is "Street Smart," really?

Doritos Contest entry for 2010.


Smarty Dog Issue #1

Smarty Dog is hot on the trail of a Frosty Paws Thief. Will Smarty Dog capture the frozen doggy treat bandit?


Crash The Super Bowl 2015- Extended Cut

It's not sacrilegious if it's delicious.

Contest entry for DORITOS 2015.

Crunched Fallout

The world is at an end. A lone crunch breaks the silence.

Contest entry for Doritos 2012.

"Skateboarding" 2016 Edition BBMT

It's a Blast with when you eat the right breakfast.

Contest entry for Blueberry Muffin Top Cereal 2009.

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